The Godfather [1991]

.: The Godfather [1991] :.

The Godfather [1991]

info game The Godfather [1991]

Publié par :
U.S. Gold
Développeur :
Creative Materials
Genre :
Third-Person Action
Date de sortie :

symmary game The Godfather [1991]

Action game by U.S. Gold, released in conjunction with The Godfather III movie. The game starts off in 1940s New York, but spans a number of decades that mirror the events in the famous movie trilogy. Stages include Las Vegas in the ’50s, where you execute a vendetta against opposing family hoods, a confrontation in Cuba, Miami in the ’70s, and a final conflict in urban America in the ’80s. Fend off enemy gangs and succeed at working towards piece with all the rival families.

The Godfather [1991]

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