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StarCraft: Brood War

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StarCraft: Brood War

info game StarCraft: Brood War

Publié par :
Blizzard Entertainment
Développeur :
Blizzard Entertainment
Genre :
Real-Time Strategy
Date de sortie :
Dec 18, 1998

symmary game StarCraft: Brood War

The expansion set StarCraft: Brood War continues the award-winning saga of galactic warfare as the Zerg, Protoss and Terrans struggle for their continued survival. With the shattered Zerg hive torn apart by fierce in fighting, the Protoss seek to reunite with their Dark Templar brethren and begin the rebuilding of their homeworld, Aiur. Terran Emperor Mengsk I, having achieved his goal of total power over the human colonies, must now turn his attention to both the rising power of the woman he betrayed Kerrigan, the infamous Zerg Queen of Blades and a conspiracy deep within his own ranks.